The Classical/Jazz Era of WVBR

Meeting Place of the Alumni of the Pre-1967 Cornell Radio Guild

Compet Manual - 1965
Courtesy of '11-'12 GM 
David DyTang
Memorabilia Collection
Includes historic documents and
the famous MJ Breaks!

Revisit the bowels of Williard Straight Hall: Browse the photo album

(28 fantastic photos from Carl Moore and Ian Spier, added May 2007.)

Take someone for a walk down memory lane by reliving those silly little incidents from days gone by.
Veebs then and now: Pictures of the stupendous 1997 reunion!

WVBR and WVBR-FM are the student-owned and operated radio stations of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  In the early 1960's the FM station followed a classical and jazz format.  These pages are the meeting place for those who staffed the station in those days.

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