Private Area - Classical / Jazz Era Alumni Only

To go to the Alumni-only area, click here. 

If you need the password, read on. 

Access to the members-only area is restricted to WVBR alumni from the classical / jazz era, around 1958 to 1967.  

We're sorry not to include others, but we have a commitment to maintain privacy for the personal information posted on the message board and the other private memorabilia.  This decision was made in 1997 by the members of this community.

If you are a WVBR alumnus from other years, please:

The message board is a Web page where pre-'67 WVBR alumni can get in contact, leave messages, record memories, etc. It contains names, addresses, biographies, and reminiscences from a bunch of alumni, as well as organizing info for the June 1997 and June 2007 Veeb Reunions.

If you are one of us, we really want you to participate, and sincerely hope you'll take the trouble to email Jeff Milman or Walt Bilofsky to get the password.  Include your name, class, and a few words about your affiliation with WVBR during the pre-1967 era.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.