WVBR Photo Album

These photos have been contributed (by Mike Ernstoff unless otherwise noted) to help us wander down memory lane.  Click on an image to see the full size photo. Can you identify people in photos or add to the captions?. Got more photos?  Email Walt Bilofsky.

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New photos from Ian Spier (rec'd May 2007):

"Remote" from the Rock Garden.  1966?  

Darry Sragow (headphones), Ian Spier, Barry Gold and ???

26 new photos from Carl Moore (rec'd May 2007)
Hungerford Hill

Hungerford Hill

WVBR Tower

10-63 Dave Yerzley at WVBR xmtr

4-64 wvbr fm xmtr

WVBR Transmitter

4-64 WVBR-FM
  control panel

4-64 WVBR-FM xmtr control

WVBR-FM Engineering Booth

1-64 WVBR-FM studio

4-64 WVBR-FM Announcer Desk

6-64 WVBR-FM Studio; Paul Gitelson

4-64 WVBR-AM DJ Studio

1-64 WVBR Jeff Milman

1-64 WVBR Jeff Moskin

4-64 Dave Yerzley

6-64 Denny Paul, Jeff Moskin, Mike Goldstein, Mike Ernstoff

3-64 Jeff Moskin golfing

6-64 Mike Ernstoff

3-64 Phillips lecture hall

3-64 Cornell's Burroughs 220 computer (vacuum tubes!)

10-63 E Lab

2-62 Cornell getting gas

Cornell - College Town

2-62 Cornell - Danby Rd apt

2-62 Cornell - freshman dorms

Libe Tower at night; 1965
A fine Spring day in Ithaca.  Easter Sunday 1965
Cascadilla Creek Bridge to College Town.
Easter Sunday 1965
Studio A - "We've got records ..."  Jerry Budelman on left; Jack Petty at mike, and Walt Ensdorf. Dec. 1969
Carl Moore
Election Night, 1962
4 pictures, with names!
(Courtesy Steve Gauss)
FM control board
(home-built mono) overlooking the Rock Garden; 1961
FM control board.
Not really Bauer Stereo [Note 1]; 1967
FM Control Room, featuring the Ampex reel-to-reels;  1961
AM Control Room; 1965
AM Control Room; 1967
Transmitter control panel. See also the Donlon AM transmitter; 1965
Dec. 1967 
A Marathon Program Guide
(Courtesy Steve Gauss)
... with transmitter and tower atop Hungerford Hill ...
(3 photos)


  1. Dave Yerzley writes: "The board [previously] described as Bauer Stereo on Walt's web site was really a Burden Associates product.  Dick Burden was the sales rep for Bauer but he also had some of his own stuff that he sold.  He knew we were not real rich as an organization so Jerry Friedman actually went down to Mount Kisco, where Dick was based, and did all of the labor building the board that we got, so we got a good deal on it.  As I understand it, no one knows what actually happened to that board.  Dick Burden is out here in the L.A. area now and I see him on a regular basis."