WVBR Classical/Jazz Era Reunion
Ithaca, New York
June 5 - 8, 1997

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Last modified July 9, 1997
Jeff Milman being interviewed for Ithaca's Channel 7, outside Alumni House on Thurston Avenue.
Waiting to tour the Nanofabrication Facility
Frank Heil, Dave Yerzley, Don Stone and Jeff Milman
Tour of the new WVBR-FM studios on Linden Road in Collegetown: 
John Hill, chief engineer explains WVBR today
Robert Gray photo
Robert Gray photo
John Hill and Robert Cohen
Robert Gray photo
Robert Gray photo
Jeff Milman gets no attention, trying to get the VBR studio tour started
Robert Gray photo
Jeff Moskin, Frank Heil, Steve Gauss arrive for VBR studio tour
Robert Gray photo
Waiting for studio tour
Robert Gray photo
Robert Gray photo
Robert Gray photo
"The Pit" - old equipment piled up at WVBR-FM
Robert Gray, Steve Gauss and Frank Huband
Robert Gray
Cruising Lake Cayuga:
Six Station Managers 
Robert Cohen and
Susan Mokotoff Reverby
Carl Moore and
Denny Paul
Mike Goodwin and
Joe Delfausse
Lopinto Farms Lodge, Freeville, NY - Reunion headquarters:
The Lodge
Robert Gray photo
Joe Delfausse and
Jeff Milman
Mike Goodwin and
John Diebold
Jeff Moskin, Don Stone and Joe Delfausse peruse memorabilia
Neville and Jane Davison and Jim Rushing
Jeff Moskin and
Steve Gauss
Jeff Moskin and
Robert Gray
Steve Gauss, John Jensen, Alan Cohen and Mike Henry
Carl Moore
A.B. Bonds, Bob Timmerman
Stan Avery plays as
Jerry Friedman and
Ted Osborn look on 
Sunday Barbecue: 
Joe Delfausse flips burgers
as John Burns supervises
Saturday night dinner at The Station restaurant on Buffalo Street:
Barry Hecht and
daughter Danielle
Chuck Moeder and
Marcia Letendre 
Jeff Moskin presents plaque to Jeff Milman 
Jeff Milman
Marsha Wishengrad Metzger, Connie Hosterman and Bob Metzger 
Mike Henry - the George Washington of WVBR-FM
Frank Huband
(aka Don Swift ... speaking)
Frank Hawkins
Jim and Judy Rushing
and John Burns
A. B. Bonds, Carol Fertig and John Ward
Ward and Francie Whitlock 
Gene Blabey and
Connie Hosterman 
Photos courtesy of Ralph Hammelbacher  unless otherwise specified