A History of the Cornell Student Radio Stations: 1929-1961

As seen from the title page above, this paper was written in 1962 by Mike Rothstein '65 for his first semester freshman English course, English 111.  We appreciate Mike sharing this with us, and for the most part agree with Mr. Borklund's comments:

"Very smoothly presented & worked out.  A rather impersonal treatment, perhaps, but clear and informative.  (I'd like to know more about some issues - the '52 raid, etc.)  Well written."
We assume Mr. Borkland would have been more glad of the "impersonal treatment" had he attended a few C.R.G. meetings.  We also feel constrained to point out that the mark of 82 is a fine one - Cornell was a tough grading school in those days - and, we guess, might reflect a small deduction for the notation in the upper left hand corner.