WVBR Photo Album From the collection of Stephen Gauss, '63

The 1962 election night coverage

WVBR covered the state and local elections. Robert Morgenthau ran against, I believe, Nelson Rockefeller. We had reporters at various precincts within Ithaca and Thompkins County and, of course, had the results from the UPI teletype. We had a "remote" set up upstairs in the Straight from which we broadcast the returns as they came in. Seen here Frank (Don Swift) Huband and I share the announcing duties while the reporters provide updates in the background. In one picture Mike Goldstein pounds out copy on the old typewriter. As with most broadcast elections the early returns were slow to come in. Frank and I had accumulated lots of background material, but used it all up pretty quickly. At one point Frank said "That's all from here. Now back to you, Steve." Since I had run out of things to say also, we frantically signaled for more commercials!