Audio Clips from the 1940's

These audio clips were broadcast over WVBR-AM, probably in 1948 or 1949.  They feature Harry Goldschmidt '50, and were transcribed by Paul Goldschmidt from acetate recordings.

  1. "World Government Week".  Apparently there was a pacifist movement on campus, probably formed in the wake of World War II and specifically centered around the possibility of nuclear war. (1:39)

  2. Cornell Independent Council.  Mr. Goldschmidt is pseudonymously addressed by an unknown announcer as "John Jones".  They discuss the functioning of the Independent Council.  It evidently instituted a campus-wide bus service to help students get home during holidays, a tutoring service for students, and a newly-formed "introduction service" to help male and female students meet. (Some things don't change, do they?)  (3:03)

  3. News item about WHCU starting a TV station in the Ithaca area.  (1:37)

  4. Farm report - milk prices to milk producers.  (0:53)

  5. Cornell News Service Program - "Farm and Home Week" - bird's-foot trefoil, silage properties, the raising of calves.  (3:53)

  6. "Planning and Planting a Garden". This clip about a Cornell publication refers to a garden "in 1949" so it probably dates from early 1949.  (1:03)

Paul Goldschmidt is a DJ on WHRW-FM, Binghamton.  He writes:

"The acetates were very badly scratched, primarily by yours truly when I was much, much younger (about 4 years old).  I played the discs constantly on my parents' portable phonograph, even though at the time I had no idea what the things Dad said on them were about.  I wish I'd known then what I know now about the conservation of recordings!  I applied as much de-clicking and de-noising as I could without introducing too many objectionable sonic artifacts."

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